Teflon O-ring Certified for CAM Assay

Teflon O-ring Certified for CAM Assay


The Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) Assay is widely used as an alternative assay in local irritation tests for cosmetics and chemicals, angiogenesis, and anti-angiogenesis.
The size can be provided according to specific customer requirements.

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TBS2501-008Yes50pcs/bag4.48x1.78 $65.00
TBS2501-010Yes50pcs/bag 6.08x1.78 $65.00
TBS2501-012Yes50pcs/bag 9.29x1.78 $65.00
TBS2501-013Yes50pcs/bag 10.82x1.78 $65.00


CatalogID x W (mm)Units
TBS2501-0084.48 x 1.7850 pcs
TBS2501-0106.08 x 1.7850 pcs
TBS2501-0129.29 x 1.7850 pcs
TBS2501-01310.82 x 1.7850 pcs

Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) Assay is widely used as an alternative assay in local irritation test for cosmetics and chemicals as well as angiogenesis, anti-angiogenesis, and tumor ex-vivo studies. The technique is applicable to all types of chemicals regardless of their physical properties. It is fast, inexpensive, and sensitive.
The basic CAM assay employs the vascularized membrane changes of a fertile hen’s egg to assess a test material’s potential irritation or safety on the local site of CAM. It requires a Teflon O-ring which creates a small reservoir in which the test compounds can sit on the CAM. We have designed a variety of Teflon O-ring in different size to meet a wide variety of assay needs. Customizable products can also be made for our clients.


  • HET-CAM Assay for Irritation Test.
  • CAM-Vascular Assay (CAMV).
  • CAM-Trypan Blue Staining (CAM-TBS).
  • CMA- Angiogenesis.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Choice: O-Ring
    • ID: 4-11 mm
    • W: 1.78 mm

           The customized size can be available based on the client’s request.

  • Resistance to any chemicals and temperatures.
  • Color: Standard White

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4.48×1.78, 6.08×1.78, 9.29×1.78, 10.82×1.78


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