Total Aflatoxin Fast ELISA

Total Aflatoxin Fast ELISA

Aflatoxins are a class of structurally similar mycotoxins produced by Aspergillus species. Currently, 17 different types of aflatoxins have been discovered, including aflatoxins B1 and B2 (produced by A. flavus and A. parasiticus), aflatoxins G1 and G2 (produced by A. parasiticus), and aflatoxins M1 and M2, metabolites of B1 and B2 respectively. Total Aflatoxin, the most common form of aflatoxin originated in naturally contaminated food, has acute toxicity to animals, and has been classified as a Group 1 carcinogen by IARC of the World Health Organization.

The TriboTM Total Aflatoxin ELISA Kit can quickly, sensitively, and accurately determine the presence of total aflatoxin in plants, herbs, foods and animal feeds. It provides a vital tool to prevent the consumption of food tainted with this toxic chemical.

Total Aflatoxin Fast ELISA (for plants, cannabis, and herbs) (TBS21131)

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