Resazurin Cell Viability Kit

Resazurin Cell Viability Kit

Resazurin Cell Viability Assay provides a homogeneous, fluorescent method for monitoring cell viability. It uses the indicator dye resazurin to measure the metabolic capacity of cells an indicator of cell viability. Viable cells retain the ability to reduce resazurin into resorufin, which is highly fluorescent. Nonviable cells rapidly lose metabolic capacity, do not reduce the indicator dye, and thus do not generate a fluorescent signal. The homogeneous assay procedure involves adding the single reagent directly to cells cultured in a serum-supplemented medium. After an incubation step, data are recorded using either a plate-reading fluorometer (570Ex/590Em) or spectrophotometer (Resazurin 605nm /Resorufin 573nm). However, fluorescence is the preferred method because it is more sensitive and involves fewer data calculations. Therefore, the fluorescence intensity observed in this assay is a true measure of the viable cells. The reagent is compatible with all culture media and with all liquid handling systems for high-throughput screening applications in 96-well and 384-well plates.

Resazurin Cell Viability Kit (TBS2001)

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