DNA Pure Magnetic Beads (DNA Size ≥100bp)

DNA Pure Magnetic Beads (DNA Size ≥100bp)


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DNA Pure Magnetic Beads are based on paramagnetic beads technology designed for highly efficient purification of DNA fragments from PCR, library, and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) DNAs. DNA is bound to the surface of the Magnetic Beads, followed by two simple washes with Washing Buffer to remove proteins, dNTPs, primers, salts, and other contaminants (Fig. 1). This method is ideal for the automation of high throughout-put processing, and the purified DNA can be used in a variety of downstream applications. The purified DNA size is preferred to ≥100 bp.


  • Isolate and purify DNA from PCR products.
  • DNA can be directly used for PCR, cloning, sequencing, cell transfection, enzymatic analysis without further manipulation.
  • Genotyping
  • Fragment Analysis
  • Primer Walking.


  • High binding capacity for high yield rate
  • Simple and fast: Just binding-washing-elute.
  • No organic solvent
  • Automatic high throughput.


The PCR Cleanup Kit is shipped at room temperature. The magnetic beads and all the buffers are suggested to store at 4 °C. Shelf life is 12 months after receipt.


  1. Microbial DNA Magnetic Extraction Kit (TBS6025)
  2. Plant DNA Magnetic Extraction (TBS6026)
  3. Cell DNA Magnetic Extraction (TBS6027)
  4. Direct FFPE Tissue DNA Extraction (TBS6028)
  5. PCR Magnetic Cleanup (TBS6029)

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