Exfection Plasmid EF (Exdotoxin Free,Midi)

Exfection Plasmid EF (Exdotoxin Free,Midi)


Exfection™ plasmid LE (Low Endotoxin) and EF(Endotoxin-Free) provide simple and fast method for the purification of plasmid DNA with low endotoxin contaminants.

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The Exfection™ plasmid LE (Low Endotoxin) and EF (Endotoxin-Free) provides a simple and fast method for the purification of plasmid DNA with low endotoxin contaminants. Endotoxins (also known as lipopolysaccharides, LPS) are present in the cell membrane of gram-negative bacteria such as Escherichia coli. It is a common contaminant in plasmid preparations and can significantly reduce transfection efficiency if not removed during DNA preparations. These kits use two methods for the removal of endotoxins: advanced phase separation and endotoxin removal washing. Endotoxin levels can be reduced to 0.1 EU/μg with Exfection™ EF and to 10 EU/αg with Exfection™ LE. Prepared plasmid DNA can be used for the transfection of most cell lines as well as most molecular biology applications.


Low endotoxin Plasmid DNA prep in Medium scale.

Key Features:

  • Spin column format based on glassfiber membrane.
  • Convenient clearing of lysate with EzClear™ filter (Midi).
  • High plasmid recoveries with high purity.
  • Fast preparation time and simple procedure.
  • High transfection efficiency in most cell-lines.
  • No need of additional materials.
  • No use of organic solvents.


Storage Conditions:

GeneAll® Exfection™ kits are shipped at room temperature. All components are stable at room temperature until the date of expiration that is printed on the product label. After the addition of RNase A, Buffer P1 is stable for 1 year when stored at 4*℃. In cold ambient conditions, buffer P2 and G3 may exhibit salt precipitation and this causes reduction of DNA recover-yields. If so, heat the bottle with occasional swirling in 37℃ water bath until completely dissolved. Buffer P3 can be stored at 4℃. Pre-chilled buffer P3 may lead to better result.

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