Long Noncoding RNA Reverse Transcription Associated Trap (lncRNA RAT Assay)

Long Noncoding RNA Reverse Transcription Associated Trap (lncRNA RAT Assay)


Highly Efficient RNA-Chromatin DNA Interaction Analysis Novel Approach!

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Long noncoding RNA (lncRNAs) are a large class of RNA molecules with a length of >200 bp without encoding proteins. It is now clear at lncRNAs have a wide range of critical functions in cellular and developmental processes. Exploring the functions of this RNA world is one of the most important challenges facing biology today. Currently, however, there are no reliable methods to delineate the mechanisms of lncRNAs in gene regulation, particularly at the level of transcription.

We have developed a novel method to determine the genome wide interaction targets by lncRNAs. In this method chromatin DNA associated with RNA can be captured by Reverse Transcription Associated Trap (RAT) technology. The captured chromatin DNA can be used for PCR detection or chip-seq library preparation for DNA sequencing analysis. This method is different from Capture Hybridization Analysis of RNA targets (CHART) and chromatin isolation by RNA purification (ChIRP).

This highly effective capture strategy allows unbiased detection and discovery of RNA-associated genomic DNAs, RNA sequences, and proteins.


  • lncRNA PCR Detection
  • Chip-seq library preparation
  • DNA and RNA sequencing analysis

Kit Content for 10 Reactions:

2M Glycine1.5 mL4°C
Cell Lysis Buffer15 mL4°C
RT Buffer200µL-20°C
RNase inhibitor50µL-20°C
Maxi Reverse Transcriptase15µ L-20°C
0.5M EDTA0.5mL4°C
Nuclei Lysis Buffer2.5mL-20°C
10% SDS1.5mL>4°C
SDS Remover0.5mL4°C
WB buffers20mL4°C
5M NaCl1mL4°C
Elute buffer3.0mL4°C
DNA-RNA Reverse buffer1.0mL-20°C

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