70% Ethanol Solution (Nuclease Free)

70% Ethanol Solution (Nuclease Free)


This is molecular biology grade. It is used for RNA and DNA extraction.

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The ethanol solutions are ideal to use for concentrating nucleic acid samples by precipitation often in the presence of monovalent cations (e.g. sodium or ammonium). Tribioscience’s 70% Ethanol Solution is made of 200 proof ethanol and Ultrapure and DEPC treated water. This solution is also great in combination with commercial “mini-prep” kits, magnetic bead DNA extraction as washing buffer.


Applications & Features:

  • Excellent for all RNA and DNA purification, precipitation, or manipulation techniques.
  • Works with all commercial RNA and DNA purification kits.
  • Can be used as a washing buffer in magnetic bead DNA purification approaches.
  • Made with DEPC treated water to eliminate nuclease.


Contents, Storage, & Sizes:

70% solution is made of 200 proof ethanol in DEPC treated Ultrapure water and is filtered to 0.22 μm.
Size: 1 L/bottle
Storage: Store at Room Temperature
Shelf-Life: 1 year after receiving


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