Texapon ASV Certified as a Standard Reference in CAM Assay

Texapon ASV Certified as a Standard Reference in CAM Assay


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Texapon ASV is an anionic surfactant used in cosmetic products. It is certified as a benchmark reference substance for irritation evaluation of cosmetics in the Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) Assay.
This substance is used to determine the threshold between the irritation categories moderately irritating and irritating. The 5% active substance in Texapon ASV is a standard concentration since it has been assessed as moderately irritating in the Draize rabbit eye test.
The final irritation value is represented as quotients (Q) of the irritation indexes. Q=scoretest/scorestandard. The irritation score is shown below.


  • HET-CAM Assay for Irritation Test.
  • CAM-Vascular Assay (CAMV).

Table 1: Irritation Score for Test Material

Irritation ScoreSeverityParameter
1SlightHaemorrhage and lysis
2ModerateHaemorrhage and lysis
3SevereHaemorrhage and lysis


Table 2: The Criteria of Q Value for Irritating Severity

Q ValueIrritating Severity
≥1.2 but <2Moderate


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