One-Step Probe qRT-PCR (4x)

One-Step Probe qRT-PCR (4x)


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TriboTM One-Step Probe qRT-PCR Kit is a complete qRT-PCR system, containing all reagents necessary for both reverse transcription (RT) and Taqman probe-based PCR amplification to occur in a single qPCR reaction tube. The One-Step qRT-PCR kit is an amalgamation of two key formulations of an RT Enzyme Mix and a Taqman Probe qPCR Master Mix. The kit contains stabilizers and enhancers to optimize the two reactions in a real-time “single step”. This One-Step qRT-PCR kit offers the end-users an efficient, easy to use, and reliable alternative to conventional “two-step” sequential qRT-PCR. This kit is the best choice for Covid-19 detection.



This kit is used for real-time RT-PCR amplification. It can be used for Covid-19 detection.


Key Features

  • One-step complete qRT-PCR in a single tube.
  • Reduce contamination in the operating process.
  • Accurate detection and quantification of a target gene through real-time PCR.
  • 4x concentration makes it easier to adjust the sample size in a one-tube reaction.


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