B-27 Supplement (50x), minus Vitamin A

B-27 Supplement (50x), minus Vitamin A


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B-27 Supplement without Vitamin A is a serum-free, chemically defined supplement without Vitamin A (retinyl acetate). The absence of vitamin A makes this medium ideal for the cultivation of neural progenitor and stem cells, either as neurospheres in suspension or in adherent monolayer culture, without inducing differentiation. B-27 Supplement without Vitamin A is provided as a concentration of 50X liquid.



  • Prevent the differentiation of cells since it is Vitamin A free.
  • No animal derived element.
  • Compatible with the other brand.
  • Easy to make a complete medium with another basal medium.


  • Neuronal cells
  • Stem cells
  • Progenitor cells



  1. B-27 Supplement (50x) (TBS8079)
  2. N-2 Supplement (100x) (TBS8081)
  3. Neurobasal Plus Medium (TBS8082)
  4. DMEM/F12, HEPES(TBS8083)
  5. M2 Mouse Embryo Medium (TBS8070)

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