M2 Mouse Embryo Medium

M2 Mouse Embryo Medium


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M2 Medium are common media for in vitro culture of preimplantation stage embryos. It is a modified Krebs-Ringer bicarbonate solution, which is very similar to Whitten’s Medium. It is used for collecting and handling embryos for prolonged periods outside a CO2 incubator.

Biological Performance: This product is tested for its ability to support the development of one-cell mouse embryos to expand blastocysts.


Mouse Embryo Culture.



Bottle Volume: 50 mL
Sterility: The medium sterilized with 0.1 um filter
Storage: at -20°C
Sterility: The medium sterilized with 0.1 um filter
Shelf-life: 1 year after receipt.
Shipment: Blue ice.


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