RetroNectin (Recombinant Human Fibronectin Fragment)

RetroNectin (Recombinant Human Fibronectin Fragment)


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RetroNectin is a recombinant human fibronectin fragment composed of three functional domains: cell-binding domain (C-domain), heparin-binding domain (H-domain), and CS-1 sequence. It is mainly involved in some physiological activities such as cell adhesion, growth, differentiation, and proliferation. RetroNectin has been widely used to enhance retroviral and lentiviral gene transfer methods into mammalian cells. The fragment enhances retroviral-mediated gene transduction by aiding the co-localization of target cells and virions. Specifically, virus particles bind RetroNectin via interaction with the H-domain, and target cells bind mainly through the interaction of cell surface integrin receptor VLA5 and VLA-4 with the fibronectin C-domain and CS-1 site, respectively. Through facilitating proximity, RetroNectin can enhance retroviral-mediated gene transfer to target cells expressing integrin receptors VLA-4 and/or VLA-5, which can improve gene transfection efficiency by 30 to 70%. In addition, RetroNectin enhances the proliferation of T lymphocytes. Recombinant RetroNectin is purified in E.coli and having a molecular mass of 66 kDa.


Product Features

  • Shorten the cultivation time for cells and enhance killing activity.
  • Stimulate lymphocytes to proliferate.
  • Enhance retroviral-mediated gene transfer to hematopoietic stem cells.
  • Reduce blood volume to lower the costs.

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