Tribioscience offers multiple type viral vector preparation services.  Our services include viral vector selection, designation, construction,
production, purification, titration, and characterization. The scales can be up to dozen liters.

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Product Listing
Recombinant protein production using
baculovirus and mammalian expression systems
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Cell Assays
Tribioscience provides a variety of cell-based assay
services, including cytotoxic assays; apoptosis and cell
death detection (early and late stage apoptosis);
autophagy detection and analysis; immune cell based
assays; IF and flow cytometry assays; and gene
Cytotoxic assays (cell viability)
Apoptosis and cell death Detection
(early and late stage apoptosis)
Cell proliferation and differentiation
Autophagy detection and analysis
Immune cell based assays
Flow cytometry assays
Cell based gene modification
AAVs: AAV2, AAV5, and other serum types that you
may need the MTAs.
Adenovirus: human adenovirus, canine adenovirus
Lentivirus: human HIV-1 backbone with VSVG or
rabies envelop proteins (RG)
Rabies Virus:
The detail descriptions are a general outline of protein production
service. All services can be modified to fit the customer’s requests.
Please call or email for information about the timeline and pricing.